No.2 Making an apron for children

cloth accessory handmade

My daughter is in the 5th grade, and cooking training begins in a home economics class.
The She also has an apron making class, but she needs her own apron because she starts cooking training first.
The one I used when I was in kindergarten was smaller, so I decided to make it by hand.

The fabric is a cotton linen canvas fabric with a momentary Kasumisou pattern.
The color is Ana Pink, but it seems to be the original color of the handicraft shop MY mama.

I bought this fabric for the purpose of making a backpack,
I didn’t have the time to work, so I decided to have him become an apron this time.
As it is a cotton linen canvas fabric, even one piece is firm and does not easily wrinkle, so it is perfect for an apron.

I also made a sling.
Since it is made of rubber, it does not need to be tied and can be easily worn.

A green stamp is stamped on a soft twill tape with a thickness of 0.5 mm.
Simple designs tend to be monotonous, but it’s cute to add some accents like this.
If you find something unsatisfactory, try sewing your favorite tag, using a tag that can be glued with an iron, or sandwiching a ribbon.

The shoulder straps are crossed on the back so that they can be tied in front of the abdomen.
It doesn’t hang around your neck, so it doesn’t feel oppressive, and you can adjust it loosely.

I don’t like it because the neck hurts when I put the shoulder strap around my neck.
I’m scared if I get caught somewhere,
When it grows up, it gets smaller,
It’s also troublesome to attach a button for length adjustment.

The string is the same as the stamped twill tape.
It’s 0.5mm, it’s not thick, and it’s soft, so I was worried that I couldn’t rely on it.
It wasn’t enough to bother me when it was completed.

The pattern of this apron uses the C type design of “Apron G-304 for Sun School Home Economics Teaching Materials" purchased from Amazon.
There are 5 patterns of designs, height 145 ~ 185 cm, waist circumference … 76 ~ 105 cm, so there is no difficult explanation, so it is convenient for families to use.
My child is still less than 140 cm, so I cut the 145 cm size one by shortening the hem by 5 cm.
It was about knee-length and cute like a dress.

For the sling, I referred to “How to make a sling for children. Recipe with rubber that can be worn without tying" by “craftie style“.※Japanese site