No.1 bag production: Floral cotton linen fabric bag

28/5/22未分類,cloth accessory handmade

I made a large tote bag that fits comfortably in A4 size.
It is Tokai’s cotton linen cloth.
Mr. Tokai runs an online shop under the name of Shuger, so
I bought it there.
It is a very cute fabric with a floral design that is a pattern raised from an antique design.
Growing plants and seeing floral patterns are just as healing.

“Danraine interlining R444" is used for the outer material,
Prevents wrinkles, deformation, and shape loss,
It keeps a beautiful silhouette even after long-term use.
There are various types of interlinings, and you may be wondering which one to buy.
When I started handicraft, I didn’t know anything, so I bought a non-woven type interlining that I often see in the sales floor of handicraft stores.
It’s beautiful at first, but as you use it, the outer fabric gradually becomes wavy.
Especially for large bags, the finish was not good.
It doesn’t stand out so much at a distance, so don’t worry about it.

The woven fabric type adhesive has good elongation, fits well with cotton and linen fabrics, and is less likely to wrinkle after bonding.
It is very useful because it keeps the silhouette with a soft texture while having elasticity.

Since it is a tote bag, documents can be entered! So,
The lining is No. 11 canvas to make it a solid bag.
This canvas is light and soft, and I really like the light blue and yellow shades.
It’s a canvas fabric that doesn’t feel stiff at all, so it’s refreshing? It has a smart finish.

I attached one pocket to the lining.
Recently made items are accented with stamps for cloth or tags with ribbons.
I like simple things, so I tend to be attracted to something that has something to do with it.

The stamped fabric is 100% cotton twill tape.
It is a soft tape with a thickness of 0.5 mm.
I bought it as an apron string, and there are still many, so I am using it as a bias, stamping it, and using it as a handle for a small accessory case.
It’s as thin as 0.5mm, so I can’t help feeling unreliable, but it’s soft to the touch and feels good on the skin, so it’s become my favorite item.

Finally, the introduction of the handle.
This is a synthetic leather tape, which is attached on the back side, so the fabric is reinforced on the back side in this way.
Can you sew with a household sewing machine? Despite my worries, I was able to sew easily.
If it is a thread for ordinary ground, it will be too thin and poor, so I change the needle and thread for thick fabric and sew it.

The fabric used for the lining was the clan woven fabric.
The border pattern is an accent and I like it very much.
Next, I’m thinking of combining Aya tape to create something with a more natural atmosphere.

Introducing the video that I referred to when making this bag.
[Harimogura. Home time]’s loose linen one-handle bag.
At the beginning of the creation, I was planning to make a bag like the one in the video, but after trial and error, such as attaching an interlining and using a canvas as the lining, it became a solid eye shape, so I suddenly changed the route and made a tote bag. It became a bag.

Even if you refer to videos and books, it may be completely different just because the fabric and design are different.
It means that you will be able to add your own personality, so even if the finish is different from what you expected, you will be able to create something wonderful.
From here, you can connect to your next creative idea, and you can enjoy handicraft very much without getting bored.