Cloth accessory handicraft blog starts


It’s been a few years since I started the content about how to grow plants.
I was busy with work and couldn’t update.
Until now, I have introduced the plants that I encountered when growing flowers on the balcony of the condominium or going out to see the flowers, but <I have been stuck and stopped as I expected due to the corona whirlpool of the last two years. did. It’s a site I’ve maintained so far, but I was wondering if I should let it go because it costs only maintenance costs without updating.
This site is also profitable from time to time.
It’s only a few hundred yen a month, but someone is coming to see it.
If such a site would be useful to someone, I thought I would try again.
I think it’s still difficult to update plant-related items.
Besides gardening, my favorite is handmade cloth accessories.
Most of them are mainly used by children and bags.
I enjoy making it so that I can take time to enrich my life.
I would like to talk about sewing, record what I made, introduce my favorite items, and even sell what I made.
We hope you enjoy it together.
Thank you again for your cooperation.
Site administrator


Posted by Juichi